The DCM’s July 2013 Social Media Round-Up



There have been exciting new changes in Social Media since I last updated you. 
Holding fast as Australia and New Zealand’s number 1 Social Media platform (and indeed, the worlds) is..*drum roll please* Facebook.  Any

surprises there?




Facebook Insights - July 2013 Update



Sigh! – Facebook has changed their Page Insights. Again.

We’ve been hearing about the anticipated changes for the past month, and couldn’t help but wonder what new daunting analytics platform Facebook was going to throw at us. However, Facebook’s new Page Insights are user-friendly, comprehensive, visual, and informative – nearly every new capability is impressive.





On the Road – The DCM Chronicles



The 501 is leaving when?

Ah yes, the trusty 501 bus on which I travel to and from work on a daily basis. If timed just right, via Google maps app on my iPhone, I’ll catch the “fresh car smell” double deluxe air con model at 7.23am.





The DCM’s June 2013 Social Media Round-Up



Real men never grow up, or maybe I need to get out more – or both – but I was excited, a littletoo excited, especially when I saw they had added Despicable Me stickers to Facebook.  What follows is a more mature round-up for June’s changes in Social Media – first up and arguably the biggest change.