November 22, 2014

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January 16, 2019

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5 Quick Tips To Raise Your Organic Reach On Facebook

June 26, 2017

There are 100,000 different factors feed into Facebook’s algorithm. Marketers can control the items below to increase the odds of landing in consumer’s News Feeds.

So given all these changes and features, how can your business play nice with Facebook's News Feed algorithm and maximise organic reach?



  1. Experiment with live video - Users consume live video three times as much as uploaded video. Facebook has  that video is the most popular content consumed on mobile devices. Live, in-the-moment video gets attention. Brands that produce live video are rewarded by Facebook by being featured higher in News Feed . You can broadcast live video to a personal profile, a business page, and even a group if settings allow.

  2. Create meaningful content - Facebook measures how long a user stays on a video or “Instant Article” (an article by a brand but on the channel itself). The longer they remain, the more favour Facebook rewards the posting brand. Robust, engaging content that delivers on the promise of its headline and addresses reader needs and pain points tends to get the longest, most comprehensive views.

  3. Post only the best content - Publishers get to post on Facebook all day long if they want. Facebook wants to be the ultimate personalised newspaper, and the Facebook brand is improved every time The New York Times posts breaking news. Consumer brands don’t have the same freedom. Don’t flood Facebook with every idea. Instead, start on Twitter, see what wins engagement, and then migrate those posts to Facebook. More engagement on Facebook will attune the algorithm to your popularity.

  4. Use Facebook’s Audience Optimisation for preferred audience targeting - Facebook enables brands to select a specific audience for a post, even without paying for an ad. This means that, even for organic reach, brands can limit the audience to those most likely to engage. More engagement means more algorithm love. 

  5. Add engaged followers - This is a tip for Pages with fewer than 10,000 total Page Likes - and a bit of a "hack".  When you create a post and people like it, click on that list of names of those likers. A dialogue box showing each name will appear. If the user doesn't already like your Page, a button appears to the right of his or her name with the word, “invite.” When you click that button, Facebook sends an invitation. This is an easy way to gain new followers through your Facebok posts. 

Facebook has certainly moved beyond its initial business model of connecting Harvard pals. Today it’s an über-newspaper, with the ability to micro-target audiences by interest, geographic location, age, and more. It’s even rolling out a feature to let users pay for news subscriptions, further embedding it as a company intricately involved in the production and sharing of news.


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